How to turn on “Double-tap to lock” on a OnePlus phone?

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OxygenOS is full of small perks throughout the system. One of those is the Double-tap to lock your phone which makes it easier to access your phone and at the same time, it is a small but addictive feature that also saves milliseconds. Double-tap to wake is easily accessible to turn on and off in the settings app under Settings > Buttons & Gestures > Quick gestures > Double-tap to wake.

But the issue is, this does not turn on “Double-tap to lock” and for that, you have to toggle it on from someplace else as you cannot go to it through the settings app. It is very simple, here is how you do it.

You can use double-tap to lock to save yourself from having to reach the phone’s power button repeatedly. This may not sound as alluring in reading, but in practice, it makes all the difference. Think about how much time and finger-fatigue you will save when you can just double-tap the screen to lock your phone.

Another advantage to this feature is that it may increase the lifespan of the power button.

Here’s how to enable double-tap to lock on any OnePlus smartphone

  • Long press on the empty area in your home screen
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  • Go to Home Settings
WhatsApp Image 2020 08 14 at 11.36.55
  • Turn on “Double tap to lock”
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I don’t know why OnePlus keeps this setting out of settings itself but luckily it’s not tough to get to it.