OnePlus Buds launch in India with a price tag of Rs. 4,990 and Environmental Noise Cancellation

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Source: OnePlus

Along with the most awaited mid-tier OnePlus Nord, The company has also launched the OnePlus Buds, which we all got to see for the first time in the live AR event hosted on the OnePlus Nord AR app. This is their first “Truly Wireless Earphones” and here is what you need to know about them.

Following the trend that you can see most of the companies follow for their truly wireless earphones, the Buds at first seem no different looking like a mix of Google buds and the Apple Airpods, but still keeping the design of the Oneplus Bullets.

The design’s leaks got a bit of backlash for being yet another Apple Airpods look-a-like but it is one of those “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” designs and seems to do very well for most of the users.

The OnePlus Buds will be available on Amazon for sale on 4th August. We’ll update this article once the sale begins. You can also participate in the lucky draw to win the Buds for free. Details on that ahead.

The Design and Features

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Source – Twitter @onePlus

The case is a small round soft plastic one and is gonna be available in three colors, Grey, White, and the classic Nord Blue. By the industry standards for a pair of truly wireless buds, the case is not very big, with dimensions the same as that of the Google Buds and it almost looks “cute”.

There is an LED on one side for the usual indications. Inside the case are the buds which look almost exactly like the OnePlus Bullets. The buds have been given a shiny plastic built and like the AirPods, they do not come with silicone ear tips and it will be a “one size fits all” pair of earbuds which personally don’t work the best for me.

OnePlus Buds 2

With a long shaped design and the mic being at the bottom closer to the mouth, but more importantly with the help of three microphones, Oneplus is using something called the “Environmental Noise Cancellation” which is basically Active Noise cancellation which is meant to start as soon as you are on a call, which is truly mindblowing if it works well. I expect the call quality to be better than average which is a very rare sight seen in truly wireless earbuds.

The controls, like the design, are also kept simple with touch controls on the flat ring at the main head of the buds which is again refreshing to see and gives a nice flat surface to use touch controls.

Adding to the good list of features of the Buds, it is also IPX4 rated which means it is waterproof enough for light rains and sweat. Another good thing carried onto the OnePlus which makes me very happy being a OnePlus user myself they have said that there will be seamless connectivity between the OnePlus Buds and its phones which takes them a step further to make a whole OnePlus ecosystem.

Battery and Audio

OnePlus claims that the OnePlus Buds will have a Battery Life up to 30 hours, which surely will be put to test in the near future but the claims. What excites us the most is the support for the Infamous Warp charger with the OnePlus Buds and they are claiming that it is going to give 10 hours of playback in just 10 minutes of charging!

Coming to the audio, it obviously can’t be tested now, but given its amazing 13.4mm drivers, we will have high expectations. Although, in the end, the performance is very subjective, as the fit differs, we can expect them to be better than any other wireless buds for now.


Source – Twitter @oneplus

The OnePlus Buds are going to be available in India for Rs 4990. Which makes it very affordable especially for the features it offers. There’s also a lucky draw that may win you a pair for free. It begins on July 14 and ends on July 27. You can read the rules for the draw on OnePlus’ website.