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About Us

The OctaByte is a wonderful place for Indian consumer tech enthusiasts and newbies alike. We offer actionable tips, impressionable insights, in-depth reviews, the latest news, and a lot more.

We feel that the current tech reporting system in India is outdated and traditional. We strive to change that. At The OctaByte, we work day in and night to provide unconventional reporting on tech and topics surrounding it. You will like it here.

All of this content is offered in the most casual tone so that it’s easy for the readers to understand and follow it. Reading the stuff on The OctaByte will make you realize that it inspires you alongside the simple fact that it solves your problem.

The OctaByte was established in July 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic with a team of talented reporters, content writers, graphics designers, and digital marketers. We hope you like hanging out with us and our team of passionate tech enthusiasts. Cheers to us exploring all the stuff in tech together in the future.

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