The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – Did Samsung make the customers fold this round?

Galaxy Z Fold 2

The smartphone industry is led by two pillars – Innovation and hype. Unless you’re apple of course, then you can just call 5 year old inventions as “innovations” and force people to believe you. This requirement of the industry often requires manufacturers to take steps in directions which were never thought of before and are unconventional. Very few can achieve what’s the unthinkable and unique in a manner which is acceptable by the smartphone userbase – which is basically the whole world at this point.

It is no secret that over the last few years, tech has been the most stagnant than it has ever been in the past few decades. There have been basically no unique inventions since the phone-cum-grenade Samsung Galaxy Note 7. All phones, in their core, have been a mere glass sandwich with processing power equal to computers, with people use to the full potential for their selfies and fight over which phones makes you the best looking puppy.

Last year, Samsung, along with a few other manufacturers like the Royale and Huawei took a very bold step by introducing a whole new segment of products which are basically a 2-in-1 tablet and phone. With the introduction of technology to support folding displays, this dream seemed more probable than ever. However due to competition, Samsung were forced to pre-maturely release their device and this lead to a plethora of quality issues.

Many journalists who received a Fold, ended up damaging the display while trying to peel off the protective layer which wasn’t supposed to be removed. In their defense, it did appear to be a screen protector, which it was not. All in all, all this lead to a ton of issues for Samsung, but everyone seemed to be more accepting of the issues, as it was the first time ever that these kind of phones hit the market. The phone also sported a fairly visible crease, which wasn’t very appealing.

However, the phone did manage to build an important element – a hype and excitement in the industry which seemed long lost for the greater part of the decade. Many reviewers loved the bold moves by Samsung and were looking forward to the next generation of the Fold, hoping that these issues would be resolved and it would finally end up as a recommendable device for the general masses as the Fold 1 came at a massive price of $1980.

A few months later after releasing the Fold in September 2019, Samsung unveiled the next foldable phone, which was the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z – a folding phone reminiscing the Motorola Razor from back in the day, and this seemed to be the much more sensible option than the earlier one due to the price tag of around $1380, which seemed much more fair as many flagships were already touching that price point.

All of this brings me to today, when we finally have a look at the second generation Galaxy Fold, which was revealed at the Unpacked event earlier in August 2020.

Galaxy Z Fold 2
The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been this excited to use a piece of technology in real life in a really long time. Just have a look at this gorgeous chunk of metal and glass, integrating two of the most used digital devices in one. Taking notes from the previous gen critiques, Samsung has updated the design to remove the ugly notch and replace it with hole punch cutout display panels. The front display has been enlarged to enable users to have a better experience while using the device for routine work like making quick phone calls or replying to texts.

Even though we do not have much information about the exact specs and launch dates, Samsung did give away a few details. the external display is 6.2″ diagonally while the internal display is 7.6″ diagonally. The phone will supposedly feature a top of the line Snapdragon processor with support for 5G. Samsung claims to have redesigned the hinge to make it more snappier and durable in the long term.

The reduction in production costs was supposed to cheapen these innovative phones, but the recent hit on the supply chains due to the Coronavirus pandemic has led to even more issues, which could cause further delay in the official launch of these devices.

One major concern that tech enthusiasts have over the launch of the radical Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is the pricing. Since the first gen device launched at a price which was unattainable for almost anyone, there is very little hope that the story will be different this time around. However, this truly could be the first real step towards a foldable future, and the light at the end of this tunnel shines brighter than ever.